Why Us?

Our mission is to create highly adaptive, customized database applications to address everyday business challenges facing our customers. With a proven record of commitment, Phoenix Business Computing enables companies to achieve their business objectives using a cost effective approach without compromising quality. Phoenix Business Computing delivers solutions that customers seek.

Since 1992, Phoenix Business Computing, a database consulting company, has specialized in highly customized database applications for a variety of industrials.

Our database software completes processing and analyzing well before you come into work.
For over 25 years, we have continued to refine our knowledge and create tailor fit solutions.
We strive to work hand in hand with our clients, making sure their needs are met.


Our experience and thorough understanding of business logics and intelligence allow us to build the best claim audit and defect tracking solutions for medical managed care industry.


Through the rigorous and treacherous challenges of business, we have amassed a great amount of knowledge and insight into the healthcare insurance industry, and have built a great team. The result is SAM, our insurance claims software, which includes advanced SQL server features and rich client interface.

Edit Rule

Smart Edit Rule is a rule-based database solution that is designed to find heath care claims with financial defects and to stop overpayments. Smart Edit Rule (SER), a subsystem of Smart Audit Master (SAM), has been designed, developed, tested, and enhanced for over a decade.

Audit Workflow

Audit workflow is the essential part of Smart Audit Master applications. It is the proven and best way of controlling audit process among users and removing papers from the process completely. You can monitor the entire audit progress from one screen.